What They've Said About Ron’s
Innovation Leadership and Work

"Ron, the Institute was the shining light of all of Disney today. Congratulations, well done and thanks."
Michael D. Eisner, Chairman & CEO, Walt Disney Company
"Ron, congratulations, you're done with the New Yorker event! Now that you have asked the impossible, handled the New York intelligentsia with easy and grace, and flown in supplies from all over the world...what are you going to do next?"
Judson Green, Chairman, Walt Disney Attractions
"Our conference, What's Next: The Future of Entertainment, Media and Our Culture, was a triumph! All the guests loved their experience and talked of returning with their own working group."
  - Tina Brown, Editor-in-Chief, New Yorker Magazine
"The themes of this new style conference [BioAgenda] are fresh and unlike those of the many biotech investment, management, research and clinical meetings we all attend. This gathering will bring out intellectual debate among leading scientists, entrepreneurs, legislators, ethicists, and investors on the huge issues of innovation and responsibility that go with the biotechnology revolution."
  - Brook Byers, Partner, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers
"The 2004 BioAgenda Summit's unique blend of science, policy, ethics and the arts created an environment which stimulated a one-of-a-kind dialogue, unlike any I have ever experienced in two decades of attending biotechnology conferences..."
  - Steven H. Holtzman, President & CEO, Infinity Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
"Ron is passionate about his work and has a depth of understanding of how to bring people, ideas and understanding together for mutual good. At the Disney Institute he was a key executive for us in seeking and securing partnerships to bring a wealth of content and perspective to our learning community. His communications strategies fueled the development of the conference business, a first for Disney for developing such events."
  - Mary Tomlinson, President, On-Purpose Partners; Former Director, Walt Disney World
"His job was to manage a six-person research and development team that was charged with defining, developing, and writing the strategic plan for our Center's role in seeking to transform a twenty-two county-city region ravaged by agricultural collapse and manufacturing demise. Ron's role was critical to our success. He is most perceptive, knows people, and is an exceptional communicator, reconciler of competing ideas, and motivating people at the leadership and mid-manager levels."
  - Ted Bennett, Executive Director, Southern Virginia Higher Education Center
"This is the perfect place to engage people and ideas...the kind of setting that allows you to maximize the benefits of a great conference."
  - Charlie Rose, Journalist and Host of "Charlie Rose"
PBS Series
"BioAgenda is a compelling mix of science reality and science possibility driven by dialogue among those at the heart of the emerging breakthroughs reshaping the life sciences and the world ahead. The spirited panel discussions and private exchanges were never dull. When a group as distinguished as this spends several days together, it is hard to leave without new ideas, insights and plans."
  - Dr. Gregory Stock, President, Signum Biosciences; Director, Program of Medicine, UCLA School of Medicine
"It is my pleasure to say that Leadership Brevard and our countywide strategic plan for our preferred future (Brevard Tomorrow) was a grateful recipient of his time and talent. During the next two years, Ron developed an image for the program, a resource development plan, a web site, a video and public service announcements and countless collateral materials. He was instrumental in the early success of the program in our community and also served as a professional coach to me. Ron is a talented and insightful leader and is skilled at understanding the complexities of any political or social challenge that faces him. We miss him personally and professionally in our community."
  - Kristin L. Bakke, CAE, President & CEO, Leadership
Brevard [Florida]
"Looking back to BioAgenda 2004 Summit I found that it was an invaluable few days that enriched my understanding of key issues affecting the healthcare industry and especially the bio pharmaceutical industry in its largest context. Also, there was an excursion of exploration of cutting-edge technologies and ideas that was fascinating. A richly rewarding summit. Bravo."
  - Frederick Frank, Vice Chairman, Lehman Brothers
"I don't really like going to conferences, but BioAgenda is a huge exception - invigorating, smart, newsy, controversial and consequential. I left full of info I couldn't have gotten anywhere else (not to mention a few choice story ideas)."
  - Stephen Petranek, Editor-in-Chief, Discover Magazine
"As Chief Executive Officer of the Howard County Economic Development Authority for the past 14 years...I am in regular contact with community leaders in business, education, government and the non-profit sector. In this already dynamic community Ron Nicodemus stands out as a communicator, a professional, a visionary, a leader. Ron Nicodemus is intelligent, energetic, enthusiastic and experienced."
  - Richard W. Story, CEcD, FM, CEO, Howard County Economic Development Authority [Maryland]
"BioAgenda brings together some of the world's leading thinkers and innovators in science to investigate the critical issues and policies to the industry."
  - Caroline Kovac, General Manager, IBM Healthcare and
Life Sciences

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